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Making a game like FreeriderHD


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Hi, I'm looking for some advice.

I've been trying to create a snowboarding game. I want it to make use of a physics engine so that I can get realistic reactions to the landscape like in FreeRiderHD.

So far I have developed a character in box2djs and rigged him together with joints and if I drop him on a slope he goes down it pretty nicely and reacts to bumps as I want... but i cant find any way of actually controlling the character, ie letting the user lean him backwards or forwards and speed up / slow down.

So I started looking at Phaser and P2 physics and tried to make a mock version in there. But I can't find any tutorials / advice on rigging a character in there. Is it only for spritesheet characters? Or can you create a character that is a group of physical objects connected by joints?

So I'm looking for advice on which is the best way to go to create my snowboarding game and if anyone can anyone suggest a tutorial / code I can go through to learn about either creating a rigged character in phaser OR controlling a character in Box2D.


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