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Hi all,


We will be releasing the first issue of our Phaser Newsletter in a couple of weeks. As well as carrying news about new versions of Phaser we'll also have a couple of tutorial based articles too.


You can sign-up here:




There will be a maximum of 2 emails per month: One newsletter and one Phaser "new version release" email, unless they coincide in which case we'll combine them.


Naturally all the usual "we won't sell your email address" stuff applies. We're using Campaign Monitor for the mailing list so you can be sure to unsubscribe at any time easily and past issues will be archived online.

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For OP,


Newsletter 5

  • Phaser 2.0.5 "Tanchico" Released
  • Driving along the Roadmap
  • atest News and Links
  • Growing Pains
  • MightyEditor - A visual editor for Phaser
  • We're hiring: Newsletter Editor
  • Juicy Plugin
  • Phaser Book
  • Game Mechanic Explorer
  • Ludum Dare 29
  • The Web of Opportunity
  • Outro

Newsletter 4

  • Happy Birthday Phaser!
  • Phaser 2.0.3 is Released
  • The codevinsky Phaser Tutorial Series
  • New Phaser web site on the way
  • Elevator Miner
  • Party Tricks
  • Outro

Newsletter 3

  • Phaser 2.0.1 is out now
  • Phaser Examples have a new home
  • Jiun - A Pixel Art MOBA in your browser
  • Phaser and Physics: Polygonal Collisions Primer
  • Where has my body gone?
  • Outro

Newsletter 2

  • Phaser 1.1.6 Released
  • Phaser 2.0 arrives March 13th
  • Welcome to Phaser Labs
  • Trending on github
  • Flappy Bert
  • Kiwi.js - The WordPress of HTML5 Game Engines
  • Outro

Newsletter 1

  • Phaser 1.1.3 Released
  • Massive Tanks
  • Quick and Easy Cursor Key Controls
  • EasyStar Pathfinding Plugin for Phaser
  • What will version 1.1.4 contain?
  • Outro
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