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How to use requestVRFullscreen in 2.4 beta?


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I tested it in Firefox Nightly (WebVR enabled) with Oculus rift CV1 (runtime 1.3), but nothing took place. The canvas cannot be sent to the vr device, in oculus there was always a "please wait..." loading progress. 

And WebVRFreeCamera works fine, controlled very well by the oculus.

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So, a few questions in order to be able to help out:

1) does the orientation work? it should work even not in full screen mode.

2) did you enable "unknown sources" in the oculus configuration?

3) do other webvr demos work?

4) how did you trigger the full screen mode? simply called the function? full screen should be triggered by an user action (like a click on a button), otherwise it is not allowed.

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@RaananW Thanks a lot for the reply!

1) The orientation works perfectly. When I play the oculus within my hands, on the PC's monitor I can see that the oreiantation is synced by oculus.

2) I've enabled "unknown sources" in the oculus configuration.

3) Most samples in mozvr.com works fine. But one or two samples act just as same as my babylon staff, as mentioned before, orientation works, but canvas can't be sent to oculus, which is always loadiing.)

4) I trigger it by pressing "X" on the keyboard.

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Now that's odd. I know I had this problem, and had to restart firefox to get it to work. Then I had to look at the silly oculus message for 2 seconds. Afterwards it worked. But this is something with the oculus software...

Is there any error in the console? Does the browser complain for any reason? Chrome or Firefox?

Care to share your scene?

(So many questions! pressure pressure pressure)

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