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Real game code is full of shit. Examples are clean :) Dont even try to understand something like https://github.com/ivanpopelyshev/railways, its full of hacks :) 

However i have one old demo: http://massiveassaultnetwork.com/html5/actimel/demo/ (archive: http://massiveassaultnetwork.com/html5/actimel/demo.tar.gz).

But for the love of god, DONT USE THAT RESOURCES IN YOUR GAME.

Also, use newer versions of pixi.

Basically, for simple game you need to understand the code for:

1. PIXI.loaders.Loader 

2. How to use TexturePacker (paid) ot shoebox(free)

2. PIXI.ticker.Ticker

3. how to make scene out of sprites

4. how to add interaction

5. (bonus) how to use Spine (esotericsoftware.com, paid tool) with pixi-spine plugin

6. (bonus) how to add physics engine like box2d to it. I also recommend using PhysicsEditor, its awesome. Its really easy to use its json format in your game, pixi doesnt support it but its easy.

7. (bonus) pixi-particles.

With all that, you can make a game just fine. I hope my old demo will help you :)

UPD. If you want to add some 3d stuff too, look at https://gameofbombs.github.io/pixi-bin/index.html?s=flip&f=cards.js&title=Cards , its using my special brand of pixi :)

UPD2. Try to launch something with mouse and then HOLD SPACE  in my demo

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