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Phaser and MultiPlayer


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On 2016. 06. 04. at 3:18 PM, acterhd said:

Hello. Phaser have node.js support or not? Have phaser multiplayer? How I can do render operation in client side, if I have game engine in server? 

Phaser uses javascript.

Therefore, you can simply send out XMLHttpRequests (for example) for data regarding your multiplayer session (so you can poll your server, for example, for any new moves your opponent made in a chess game.)
Then, all you need to do is have the code handle the resulting JSONp response text. 

But this is just a quick and dirty example, I am sure you can use sockets and advanced mulitplayer techniques as well, just make sure to have a bridge between your api calls and your phaser game handling the data it is given. 

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