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Why is GUIText.updateText() not work for me? (castorgui)


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I want to use dynamic texts to show variable values on screen.

My first attempt was to use castorgui.guitext,

but the guitext function updateText() don't work in my test at playground.

Why is updateText not work in my case?

Playground sample: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1ADV28#41

the issue is at line 42

And why is old guitext content stuck at screen after new run? 
How can I reset guisystem for clear olds elements content at each new run?


Rafael J



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Hi @RafaelJ -

Welcome to the forum. First, your playground scene isn't referencing the castorGUI.min.js file, so I had to reference my own on my server. So if you can change line #9 to find the extension, this is a start; but not your problem. I use both castorGUI an bGUI together to provide me with virtually any function I might need. Unfortunately, I use bGUI for all of my text, so I haven't run into the issue you have. However, I'm intimately familiar with castorGUI, and cannot find an error in yor code - so I would guess you found a bug. Fortunately, @Dad72 who wrote the extension wil undoubtedly come online soon, and be able to fix quickly, as I'm receiving a formating error in the castorGUI.min.js file.

My recommendation is to message @Dad72 directly as soon as possible, as he will see this in case he might not be on the forum today. And he is fantastic in responding and supporting his extension, so expect to have a solution today, as I don't believe he is away and out of France right now. Although consider the time difference, so you should message him on this forum directly right now.

FYI - I will be writing a post soon for general information as I have had the very best and most flexible tools to quickly build GUIs and GUI functions using both bGUI an CastorGUI. I'll explain in my post later, however using both not only provides me with any type of interface object, but also allows me to use a single scene which works on every device, OS, and browser - without having to identify the device or browser. So in using both, I never need to support multiple devices uniquely, as these GUI extensions together do the canvas drawing uniquely on each device independant of resolution.

Very soon I will be looking closely at the "Dialogue Extension", as I see several unique features which will also benefit my GUI development dramatically. So I highly recommend that you continue to use CastorGUI, but don't limit yourself to a single extension unless you have all you need, otherwise the additional and very unique functions of bGUI and Dialogue Extension will provide you with great tools to build the very best, most functional, and highly optimized GUIs I've ever been able to create - and with great speed as well.

Look for my post soon, and if you need any help with CastorGUI or another GUI extension, I'm certain I can assist. Sorry that this appears to be a bug, but @Dad72 will certainly adress your issue shortly.


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Thanks for attention,

I'm physics and game programming teacher.  This month I started with babylonjs with a class and I hope to use it with more depht with my future students. The main advantege of babylonjs is the playground and the simple and easy setup. I changed from Unity and Stencyl, I have published some games with Blender Game Engine (link bowling game for kids), but the .blend or .exe format is not friendly nowadays. Html5 is the present and future format for web games, Blend4web is cool, but don't have a easy setup, so babylonjs is OK for my proposal and classroom works. In the next month, I'll create a subdomain in my site about babylonjs for brazilian people interested in learning this great tool.

Rafael J.

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@RafaelJ -

It appears you are in Brazil, and I have to say that Rio is my very favorite city in the whole word - at least for beauty, but the people are wonderful as well. I lived and worked at Estudio Mega in 1998, and really miss cachaca.:wub:

Anyway, we're all glad you're here, and will do everything to help your sucess with babylon.js. I've been using Unity, UE4, and then three.js, and have found that babylon.js allows me to do practically everything that I could do in other development environments; and expect that I will be using WebGL and this framework as my primary development environment - with the addition of other framworks such as node.js. All of the frameworks together will provide you with tools you only dreamed of and compatability across most all OS and devices. There is truly nothing like this anywhere else, and this forum is the best I've ever been associated with.

So again, welcome and I look forward to seeing the great things you will accomplish in the near future. Also, I believe you have made a great choice in promoting babylon.js to others you know, as there is no way to go wrong in this decision, and your guidance and support will help others prepare for their own future as well.



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