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Cubemap Reflections error/resolution limit on mobile?


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Hi Everyone! Having an issue with BJS cube map textures on mobile, where they go black and don't show up. Here is the example:

First, I made a normal BJS cube map (similar to the playground example here: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2K4OXQ  ) and I have that link here:


This works fine on desktop, and it's just six 2048x2048 textures fed into a BJS reflection texture, applied to a box. 

However, trying to load this same scene on the chrome browser in my galaxy Note 3 phone it just renders a black screen (the textures don't show up).

The next step I tried was reducing the size of the textures down to 1024x1024, and tried a new link on my Note 3. This worked as expected, and that link is here:


So initially I thought, well, okay, I guess it's a texture size issue, but it seemed strange to me because I know i've loaded in more textures than that into my phone before, so then I took those same textures at the original 2k size, mapped them onto quads, and just had them float in front of camera. To my suprise, this ALSO worked on camera:


So, I'm a little confused as to if that last link worked on my phone, it shouldn't be a texture size issue? Any ideas on why the cube map link won't work with 2k textures? (For the record, the reflection/refraction BJS playground scene does the same thing on my phone, shows up with textures as black, but I can move around and see the specular highlights on sphere). 

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