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Has anyone achieved VirtualTexturing?


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Its something I could I could use. Its requires shader code and work connecting it to a plane or someting. I am not strong enough in all this code to understand it. 

I have read the VirtualTextureWebGL.pdf a few times and understand the concept. But the code (as in shader code) how it all ties in I haven't a clue. 

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@chicagobob123 -

I'm entirely unfamiliar with VirtualTextureWebGL in babylon.js or WebGL in general. However, the benefits appear to far outweight any of the "negatives" which are simply considerations in using virtual textures to accomplish issues which I often read on this forum by experiences users. So this is something I intend on exploring thoroughly since the power they appear to hold surpass any other method for generating detail when required while managing memoryon most devices.

I woud appriciate any insight you might discover if you are able to integrate these into any scenes prior to my testing in forthcoming scenes. I hope the power which apears to exist using these are a reality, and not more problems than the obvious issues which come to mind.

I look forward to reviewing any usage you might find in you work in the near future.



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Here are the things I know. Multiple Mip Maps are used which I understand. They are various levels of detail of the a texture. Start out with the lowest of the low and work up to high resolution. 

I have a PDF which I will attach which will give you the detail. Shader code is in the PDF but how to tie this up to a texture.. Got me. 


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