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How to set bGUI to run in a seperate script


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This post is probably for @Temechon, but perhaps there are other users who have accomplished this. I need to seperate out the bGUI elements from my main.js script, as bGUI sets up the canvas size by default. Also, I'm unable to access scene elements if I use the bGUI demo as a template. Even if I run a render loop, I can't seem to make changes to properties such as the visibility of a scene object or other element properties with a "click" function of a bGUIButton when I use a global variable inside of the "function init3d (scene, canvas)".

I'm able to do this is I declare my scene objects following the bGUI.GUISystem initilization, but I really need to seperate the bGUI system into a seperate script from the script containing my babylon.js scene objects. Unless there is a better method to cause change to babyln.js object properties in perhaps a render loop - which I've been able to achieve, but not to any necessary degree of control.

My scripts are many and large, and I'm unable to set up a playground scene to accomplish what I'm currently doing. Any help is appriciated.



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