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HTML5 Games in Animate CC


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Hello Guys,

I'm Emanuel, i'm new on this forum and I want to ask you something about HTML5 games created in Animate CC.

There is an alternative for external links in Animate CC for HTML5 Games ? I'm using this code: 

this.button.addEventListener("click", button_fun);

function button_fun() {
	window.open("http://www.mysite1.com", "_blank");

But i think isn't working for all the users, because my click rate on buttons was decreased.

Thanks in advance!


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I'm not sure how Animate CC works but as you're grabbing a DOM node to append an event listener I'm guessing you can create DOM fairly easily, just add an anchor tag to your DOM:

<a href="http://mysite1.com" target="_blank">Click Me</a>

The browser knows this is a link to an external site, it knows nothing about the JS that you were previously using. This means robots indexing your site can understand it better, which gives you a better ranking. Screenreaders can understand it (might not be an issue for a game). It also keeps unnecessary JS from cluttering your files.

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