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Found 45 results

  1. Hi, We are Delhi/India based gaming studio specializing in HTML5 games. We have been developing HTML5 games for almost 4 years. You can check out our portfolio here - Let me know if this is something that can be of interest. .
  2. dungvt


    Play free online games on all browsers and devices without any supporting tools PLAY NOW AT PLAYGAMEHTML5.COM
  3. On this Christmas, Freak X Apps added one more cool Santa game in its Santa Series. Santa is on his duty to make the children happy by giving them their desired gifts. But some monsters are stopping Santa to give gifts to the children. He only has 3 chances to distribute all the gifts. Play "Thank You Santa" and help him in distributing gifts. Click on the following link to check the demo of Thank You Santa -
  4. Hi, I'm looking to have large quantity HTML5 games in an App . I need leaderboard also. How many games can you give me? What will be the cost? please include exclusive and non exclusive as well. Thank you, Genieee, HTML5 Game Development Company
  5. Dear community, I would like inform you that "War IOM" v2 have been re-work graphics and added more feature to serve user experience. Here is my banner screenshot: You can access to the website and play it directly on your phone (Chrome mobile, Safari iPhone, iPad) or your Laptop Link to play: ++++ Game description: The rule to win the game is very simple: buy the soldiers, defeat the enemy army and then destroys the flag. Try to use fireball to wipe out the enemy. The game had the shop to buy new soldier, upgrade soldier and choose the team out. Game data be stored on both user's device and server so never lost data again. ++++ Here is the look and feel of War IOM icon on your Home-screen phone Rumor: You can get double gem receive if you beat the mini boss at level 3. Also win level 3 will give you a lot of Gem, use it to buy new solider and upgrade your army! My facebook page: /******** Change log update 08/26 ********/ -- Add new game play for level 6. -- Improve camera. -- Improve game performance. /******** Change log update 08/31 ********/ -- Improve sound load time. No painful for waiting sound loading any more! /******** Change log update 19/09 ********/ -- Add level 7 with new game play. Regards, Gafami .
  6. Free Html5 Games Templates (construct 2-3) every week i make one free html5 game template (construct 2- construct3) soon i will make 2 to 4 game on week cheers. Free Dowload from here >>
  7. Tell me the best platforms where I can publish our games and get some revenue from it.
  8. hello guys. I recently created a new gaming website that specializes in browser-based games with some flash and HTML5 games I need your opinion on it if possible and thanks. this is the website URL
  9. Hi, We are looking for Phaser (remote) html5 game developer if anybody interested please send us email on Thank you
  10. published new HTML5 game. Happy Connect
  11. Hello, I'm Emanuel Trocmaer, I'm HTML5/Androig Games developer. In the last 5 years, I developed over 400 games(dress up games, makeup games, cleaning games, spa games, caring games, baby games, etc). Now, I have some free time and of course, I'm looking for new projects! Thanks in advance! Emanuel!
  12. Hi, I've made four original Html5 games, all of which work on all platforms. Web, Mobile, so on. They are all currently available for non-exclusive sponsorships and exclusive licenses. They all can be played here- If you are interested in any of them, please let me know at the e-mail below. E-mail- Thank you
  13. - a multiplayer free for all dodgeball browser game, made with HTML5 and Node.js, which is essentially a free for all dodgeball arena that has features like power ups, levels, team mode, and an open chat. Please let me know if you like the game, or if you have any suggestions of constructive criticism!
  14. hello! I was researching and I find that the vast majority of portals prefer or have requirements that their games are also mobile oriented. Then I like to design and make games for pc. I have a good control when designing and I'm more satisfied with designing type games: platform, puzzle, etc ... where only the keyboard is used. So, feel's a nuisance in having to also think about adapting the product to mobile or have to change some things already finished just to be able to enable the stupid mouse. But obvious (it all depends on the product) and if something does not work for x game, it just will not work. But at the time of trying to sell my product or think about developing my product have in my head .. "shit, game portals may want something that suits mobile or there will be no sale" .. Then my question: Is it wrong to make html5 games just oriented to play on web / pc with keyboard?
  15. Play FREE online HTML5 games in your browser! #HTML5 #Games
  16. Hey, i would like some advance members to share their experience on publishing a new game to itch , also if a game is published to Itch, Newgrounds & Kongregate -can it be considered for any type of licensing Thanks
  17. Hi Everyone, I just updated my website here - My goal is to utilize HTML5 game technology as a way to distribute discounts and coupons. This forum was very helpful to find some HTML5 games to license. I will definitely be looking to license more HTML5 games in the future, once i breakeven. I am looking for the support of the vibrant HTML5 game community that i found here. Just visiting my website will definitely go a long way. Also other things like sharing with friends and family will also help. Any feedback is also welcome. Best, Oomfr
  18. Hi guys, this is Gamecook, My team only cook great delicious games. We are especially good at cooking Puzzle games. Here are two new works, hope you like it, And you're appreciated if you rate them. Any ideas, let me know thanks.
  19. Hello, We are looking for a Talented Html5 Game developer who uses Phaser frameworks. We wanted a person who will be a member of our Team and work for a long term. We require a serious and a reliable guy who delivers a quality work in specific given time. This will be an ongoing work as we have many projects in pipeline. Pls mail me your links to your portfolio of develop games to or add me to skype- Serious Enquires only.
  20. Hi everyone, We will be at CasualConnect USA with premium and new HTML5 Games including a live demo for our latest game Sailor Pop! Feel free to get in touch to meet us, schedule a quick chat and further discuss distribution opportunities. All Best, Okijin Games
  21. Hello Guys, I'm Emanuel, i'm new on this forum and I want to ask you something about HTML5 games created in Animate CC. There is an alternative for external links in Animate CC for HTML5 Games ? I'm using this code: this.button.addEventListener("click", button_fun); function button_fun() {"", "_blank"); } But i think isn't working for all the users, because my click rate on buttons was decreased. Thanks in advance! Emanuel.
  22. We are looking for the best HTML5 Games to integrate them into our platform. We have launched 3 platforms globally with 5 Million+ susbscribers and we┬┤re looking for gaming content. Send an email including your contact and games info to: Enrique Mesones
  23. We have released our very first Android application called HTML5 Games Club on the Google Play Store. This application allows you to play with more than 1700 HTML5 games without any additional installation. Here you can play games provided by well-known HTML5 game distributors such as Famobi, GamePix, HTMLGames, TreSensa, Spil Games and Softgames.The application is available on the Google Play Store. Install and try it now!
  24. We have released our very first Android application called HTML5 Games Club on the Google Play Store. This application allows you to play with more than 1700 HTML5 games without any additional installation. Here you can play games provided by well-known HTML5 game distributors such as Famobi, GamePix, HTMLGames, TreSensa, Spil Games and Softgames.The application is available on the Google Play Store. Install and try it now!
  25. I created a new demo game using the createjs framework. It performs well on all modern browsers and most recent mobile devices. A lot of attention was put towards frame rates and optimization. Link to the game is here: Video Here: For further information about Freshly Squeezed Games, my website is here: Image here: