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Arcade vs P2/Box 2D Performance for MMO


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I'm wondering if it's possible to run a multiplayer Box 2D game while remaining very performant.

Game characteristics:

  • 2d platformer shooter
  • Online multiplayer
  • Map is about 4000px x 2500px
  • 6 - 10 players at a time
  • NodeJS and Socket.io

Right now I create the maps with lots of rectangles but I'm interested in creating arenas similar to Soldat example here

The Arcade physics are highly performant and if I switch to Box2D how significant is the performance difference?

Are there any stress tests out there that demonstrate this?

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The way I understand it performance from best to worse goes Arcade -> Box2D -> P2 but the complexity of what you can do also increases.

In theory, the client shouldn't need to calculate physics on the other players, so I would think the performance impact of either system is pretty small.

Is your map 4000x2500 pixels, or tiles?  I saw performance hits with about a 250x50 tilemap on weaker devices using P2 physics.  Arcade didn't see hits until I approached about 250x250.  If your map is 4000x2500 tiles, I can't imagine you won't see lag with any system.  

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