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Independent render order and position


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Phaser extends DisplayObject.updateTransform to allow the passing of a parent object.  This allows objects (that specifically override updateTransform) to be group-moved and -positioned independent of the group that controls their render (z) order.

Is anything similar available in PIXI?

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I have containers that are tweened, so their children's positions are updated with them.  However, I have some children within those containers that need to be tweened with the parent, but displayed in front of all containers - not just its parent.

Dropping in v4 to my v3 project resulted in a blank screen with no errors, so I have not attempted it yet.  Does v4 offer the functionality above?

EDIT - Oh i see that pixi-display is what may add the functionality I want...

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V4 does not offer any kind of z-ordering, but pixi-display can re-order elements without changing render tree according to their "displayGroups". I use it in projects that will soon go into production. Please look at example, its easy enough.

As for your black screen bug, can you tell me which features are you using from this list?

1. filters

2. masks

3. renderTexture

4. new Texture(frame,crop,trim)


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2 hours ago, staff0rd said:

@ivan.popelyshev after pulling in that library and extending my typescript definitions to support it, I added a couple of DisplayGroups and this problem was solved by what seemed like magic.  Very nice - thanks a lot.

If you use masks inside generateTexture, you'll have to wait for new build or ask me for it - I just fixed a bug there :)

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