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Trouble with Examples


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I'm having some trouble with the Phaser examples. I uploaded them to my web server but any time I try to look at one of the examples, I get a error like "Unable to load basics/01 - load an image.js" and I'm not sure what's wrong.


I've got them uploaded at http://storage.electricsquirrel.net/phaser/examples/ if anybody wants to take a look.

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I found a link to the examples uploaded by someone else linked in the 1.1 update notes. It doesn't answer my question but it does solve my problem. 




Incidentally, Invaders is totally bugging out for me. Anyone else? The enemy shots spawn but don't go anywhere, and after a while the explosions stop despawning or animating.

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If you look in the Network panel in Chrome Dev Tools when you try to load an example you'll see loads of 404 errors as it tries to get all the Phaser source code and fails. If you fix that it'll work fine. You should really run a server locally, so you don't have to upload them anywhere, otherwise testing is going to become really cumbersome for you.

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