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Different player speed


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Don't know if it is a bug but players with different FPS move by different speed.
I use FreeCamera.

I have got 60 FPS and I move about three times slower then other player with 20 FPS.
That's weird because players with lower FPS should move slowly. I guess there is some speed compensating code.

Also if player is for some time in another browser window and switch to game immediately holding move button he move for a while by huge speed.

Sorry for my English.


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public _computeLocalCameraSpeed(): number {
    var engine = this.getEngine();
    return this.speed * ((engine.getDeltaTime() / (engine.getFps() * 10.0)));

In my opinion this function isn't correct.

FPS = 40, DeltaTime = 25 Result is 0.0625
FPS = 20, DeltaTime = 50 Result is 0.25

This makes player with 20 FPS 4 times faster, but he should be 2 times faster.
Shouldn't be Math.sqrt((engine.getDeltaTime() / (engine.getFps() * 10.0))) ?

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