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Displacement filter transform


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Hi there,

it seems to me that the displacement sprite (let call it DS) used for a displacement filter (applied to a sprite, call it S) is not properly managed by the transformations of the scene graph. Let me explain it better: if I rotate a container containing S and DS then the displacement filter is applied in a different way. This seems not the right thing to expect...

Thanks very much for any help! 

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Dear kawabata! I'm deeply concerned by that problem. But I cannot do anything until you speficy which version of pixi are you using. Then I'll say you to use latest https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/dev/bin/pixi.js . Then you'll tell me that bug still exists, and we together will reproduce it on http://pixijs.github.io/examples/index.html?s=filters&f=displacement-map.js&title=Displacement%20Map. Then I'll fix it and we'll have new shiny version for pixi :) 

@bQvle is also concerned, he's using displacementFilter at tankwars.io and he already reported about 10 problems with filters, some of them we did actually fix.

Yours truly, @Hackerham.

UPD. OH SH** THE DEMO ISNT WORKING!!! I'll fix it soon, sorry :)

UPD2. Fixed. Its PR https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/pull/2678

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