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Compatibility between LODs, EdgesRenderer and InstancedMeshes


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I recently implemented LODs for an InstancedMesh.

The problem is, this InstancedMesh has an EdgesRenderer (which works great) but when the quality is reduced (LOD), the edges aren't rendered anymore.

The problem doesn't exist for a regular Mesh, even with LODs:


Here's what happens when you add instances:


You can see that edges are rendered only for the masterMesh and when one of the instances gets degraded, the edges are rendered for the sourceMesh.

I tried to find an obvious solution to this but to no avail. It's not that big of a deal for me but I thought I'd ask anyway. Perhaps somebody knows a solution? Or maybe you're aware of this problem and are going to resolve it in a future update?

Thanks in advance.


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Btw, not directly related to edge renderers but

I noticed that if I change the .visibility of a LODed mesh, the value isn't carried over when the LOD changes (regardless if it's an InstancedMesh or a regular Mesh).

Is that the expected behavior? I can go around it by changing the .visibility of the MeshLODLevel.mesh but since I'm also using Instances, there are only some InstancedMeshed that I'd like to change the .visibility of...

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