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from corona(lua) to pixi.js some newbie questions


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hi the Pixi's forum,

As mentionned i come from corona with lua as default language. I see pixi.js and i was surprised for his speed, his minimal config and the quantity of assets that can't be displayed.

I would like to get involved in the javascript and in Pixi but i have still some interrogations..

  • How do you use external module with javascript ? for example I describe in character.js my character or some other functions and I invoke it in my main.js ? Have you a good tutorial or documentation about that ?


  • The last thing that worries me : is it possible to easily integrate plugins for monetization with pixi like admob ?


  • Finally, i'm beginning  with the manual of javascript but if you have some good tutorials for me you are welcome :) (how build for android and ios, tweens, particle, timer, event, function,array,...)

Thanks ;)

P.S : as you see english is not my mother tong...




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1) to use external module in javascript you have to include it inside the html file before the main script.

2) pixi is just an rendering engine and to use pixi or any other javascript game engine you have to use something like cordova to pack it into apk file (since javascript is just scripting language for web page, you are kind of just writing a web page, so practically what cordova does, is doing an app that launches that webpage like it was an native app, which is the reason why it is considered so good for building crossplatform). Yes there is all sorts of plugins, https://cordova.apache.org/plugins/.

3) the amount of tutorials for javascript is huge, just google tutorials for javascript :), when I started learning I used something like codecadamy and it was quite good for basics. Also I think maybe you should start by using Phaser instead, It's much easier for beginners, a lot of examples and things built in.

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