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VR camera to point to the z-axis by default


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I have tried using FreeCamera to build a basic scene, and the camera was pointing in the z-axis direction (which is what I want).
now I used the VR camera, but I noticed as if the camera is pointing towards the Y-axis by default, but I want it to point towards the Z-axis just like the free camera, I checked in another post that this is a default behavior that is based on the orientation of the mobile device, but for me it makes sense to point to z-axis by default, since when someone is wearing the VR headset (Google cardboard,etc..), they will actually be looking directly to the z-axis if they are standing still without tilting or rotating their head.

so what do you think about that? and is there a way to make it look to the z-axis by default?

these are some basic samples:

Free camera: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#AOL4N#1
VR camera: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#AOL4N#0

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Hiya @Terminator.  I think the camera has a bug/problem.  That's what I think.   :)


Just goofin' around, using the camera's .cameraDirection, .rotation, .position, .lockedTarget... to try to get good results.  I have failed, so far.  Still thinking and testing.

How do you like my line 19?  I'm not much of a programmer, but... is that what is known as a "circular reference"? *shrug*  Maybe just called a "back-reference".  I should learn to program someday, huh?

All in all, line 19 is a darned-funny way of sending the camera object to console (where I click on the 'Object' portion, and my Firefox object inspector pops-open)... (where I can easily find seemingly-useless camera properties to set and methods to call).

Still, no joy.  hmm.  Something is whacky, somewhere.  Might need a matrix transformation, but that seems like the long/wrong solution.

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Thanks @Wingnut for trying to figure this out..

unfortunately it seems there is no solution so far.

I found a ThreeJS tutorial for VR here: https://www.sitepoint.com/bringing-vr-to-web-google-cardboard-three-js/ , if I can do something similar with the babylonJS camera (the z-axis thing), it would be great, and that's the end result of the tutorial: http://patcat.com/demos/VRWeatherParticles/

can anyone of BabylonJS developers confirm if this an expected behavior of the VR camera or if it is a bug? since I was learning BabylonJS just for the purpose of working on a VR game I have in mind, any help is appreciated.

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I have found a solution (easy, too), but I need to check with core programmers... about a possible minor issue, first.  Be right with ya.

update:  http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#AOL4N#4

Line 25 seems to get the job done.  But I have a funny feeling that _constantTranform might have an 's' added, eventually.   But who knows?  :)  It wasn't fair to make you wait.  Just be prepared to add another 's', later (after the third 'n').

camera.inputs.attached.deviceOrientation._constantTranform.x had value -0.7071067811865476 by default.  I neutralized it with my Browning Model 172 "Value Eliminator" zapper gun. 

I don't guarantee that this is a good or proper solve, but it worked.  Let's hope it holds-up when the going gets tough (in actual use).  :)

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