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disappearing meshes (culling issue?)


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First off, thanks for all of the great work on Babylon.js - I have had a lot of fun playing with it over the past week.


I am having an issue with disappearing meshes, as shown in this video:




It looks like some kind of culling issue, but with the position of the camera I don't think it should be hiding the meshes?


The issue occurs with both a FreeCamera and an ArcRotateCamera, but it seems worse with the FreeCamera. In the scene I am creating a bunch of Meshes with different y value (elevation) data and giving them a texture for the surface.


Are there any ideas given this, or can I provide more information? 

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(by the way I hope to get all of this cleaned up and write a nice tutorial on Babylon !)


This problem took awhile to narrow down, but I found that:

  • I was using an async ajax call to get elevation data from a server for a whole bunch of separate meshes (64 or more "tiles")
  • in the ajax success, I was creating a new mesh and setting vertices, computing normals, etc. to get a mesh with elevation formed
  • if I change the method to ajax call to synchronous (async: false below), then the issue goes away.
  • if I leave the method as async (the default) then the issue with disappearing meshes comes back.

So this is kind of bizarre, as JS is single-threaded so there can't be thread safety issues in Babylon or anything. I'll keep playing with how I do this but let me know if you have any ideas.  

// this is really just pseudocode !! $.ajax({        url: "/api/proxy/GetElevations",        data: JSON.stringify(query),        type: "POST",        meshName: meshName,        async: false,        dataType: "json",        contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",        success: function (result) {            var data = JSON.parse(result);            // create a ground with elevation            // create new BABYLON.Mesh(name, scene);            // set vertices data and compute normals                   }    });
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Hey! Cool to see that Andy Beaulieu is playing with Babylon.JS! :)


It's indeed very weird that switching to synchronous is solving the problem. BabylonJS is handling the asynchronous building of texture for you and injecting new meshes on the fly shouldn't be a problem.


If you could share the code indeed with David and I, it will help a lot for the debugging job.





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