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Loading Assets from Zip


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What do you think about loading complex scenes from zip files then reading them with a library such as JSZip?

Wouldn't it be far faster to load 1 zip containing 200 files than to load 200 files individually? (mainly due to avoiding overhead)

Is there a downside to doing that?

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incremental.babylon seems to be loading multiple files individually, correct me if I'm wrong. With that said, I tested the concept of loading 1 zip vs loading multiple files individually outside of babylonjs (which shouldn't matter, again, correct me if I'm wrong).

Loading 1 zip is naturally much faster (at least from my tests) due to avoiding the requests overhead of multiple files (which becomes very apparent the more files you load)

I searched the forum for posts on this solution, and I was surprised to see it wasn't discussed in the past.

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