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sprite.input.allowVerticalDrag = false;


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This code let us dran in the vertical

// This will lock the sprite so it can only be dragged horizontally, not verticallysprite.input.allowVerticalDrag = false;

There is a method that allows you to drag in a circle? When you start dragging the sprite does not move but that allows you to spin in placer


something like

sprite.input.allowRadialDrag = true;

I need drag this handle, and it drag in circle (image)



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Nope, but it would be relatively easy to code. The Circle object has the ability to get any point on its circumference, to which you could anchor a sprite. All the pieces are there, but the jigsaw needs assembling.


Thank you.

I do that, and works :)

i was just wondering,maybe thera is a method :)


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