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Spine hierarchy


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how can I get access to specific slot in my spine skeleton? I have simple spine skeleton animation and sprite which is a few display layers under the spine skeleton, and I need that sprite will be reproduce moves of specific slot. Is there any way how can I get global coords of the slots? Thx 

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Its not a problem. You can either track its slot position, either just add sprite there. If you want to have it different z-index you can use pixi-display library.

I recommend you to study the sources anyway, that will help you a lot.

var index = spine.skeleton.findSlotIndex('slotName');
var slot = spine.skeleton.slots[index];
var slotContainer = spine.slotContainers[index];

//option 1 just add sprite to container
//assign different displaygroup if you use pixi-display. That way sprite will appear after actual spine object, where you need it
mySprite.displayGroup = foregroundGroup;

//option 2 track the matrix
// slotContainer.worldTransform is the matrix. I dont know what do you want to do with it exactly 
var point = new PIXI.Point(slotContainer.worldTransform.tx, slotContainer.worldTransform.ty);


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8 minutes ago, Upsinn said:

Thanks a lot - pixi-display sounds great and its exactly what I need. Btw.: Is there any way how can I dispatch event for every update of my skeleton in pixi-spine?

wll you can just hack it, put your own function in prototype that hides original "update". But you have to understand that there are two parts of it: bones update and transform update. Bones are updated by spine runtime , while transform (sprite.worldTransform) are PIXI thing. If you turn of autoUpdate of this particular spine or even all spine instances, you can hook "spine.update(dt)" into your own cycle , and that way spine updates will be all yours :) Anyway, better to read the code, especially "Spine/index.js" part

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