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WebGL and GetImageData


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9 hours ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

I dont recomment to do it, it slows things down a lot. There are special methods in pixi that can achieve that. 

Which version of pixi are you using?

the  newest one, v3.  I wasn't going to do it multiple times.  I was only going to do it  once and  get all of the areas that are black for a collision map.  Is it still not advised? What methods exist in PIXI?

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It is a very bad idea, that stuff is slow as ... you know what :) You cant do that every frame. i think v4 has something like "renderer.plugins.extract.canvas(stage)" that returns you a canvas or "renderer.plugins.extract.pixels(stage)" that gives you the same stuff as getImageData. Use it only one time though, because it actually moves whole picture from GPU to CPU. Its very slow in webgl. Its a bit faster in canvas2d mode though.

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