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Auto follow all topics in a forum


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Hi everyone,


Does someone know how I could automatically follow all topics of a specific forum? I follow a forum, so I get notifications for all its new topics and for all topics for which I replied to but I am not notified when someone replies to a topic that I don't follow or for which I never replied to.


I could manually click on "follow this topic" for every single new topic but let's say I would prefer something more automatic...


Thanks for helping

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gwenael - either use "View new content" in right upper part of screen where all new content since your last visit will be displayed or simply use Google alerts - setup process is widely covered around the web.

Alternatively you can use RSS aggregator (there is small yellow icon on left bottom of screen). Same as above - RSS readers are widely available on web and some of them have email notifications/summary available.

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Thanks for your replies Funkyy and Jorasso. It confirms what I thought. There is nothing for now in the settings that I can enable to auto follow all topics of a specific forum. I wish I could receive an email with the link of the reply every time someone replies to a topic I never replied to. Kind of the same email I receive everytime there is a new topic.


I didn't notice the RSS icon. Thanks Funkyy. I will set a receipe with IFTTT so at least I will receive an email to notify me there are new answers and, on the website I'll use "View new content" to find them.

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