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Freeze material on Instanced Mesh


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******* EDIT *******
 This isn't happening in the nightly build, though the mesh does not show up anymore if I freeze the material


Hey, I'm trying to freeze most of the materials in my scene that shouldn't change right at the beginning of the app.

This error happens when I freeze the material used by an instanced mesh. I can freeze all other materials just fine.

As soon as the instanced mesh comes into view of the camera I get this error: 

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'index' of undefined -- babylon.max.nightly.js:6297
Engine.updateAndBindInstancesBuffer @ babylon.max.nightly.js:6297
Mesh._renderWithInstances @ babylon.max.nightly.js:17952
Mesh._processRendering @ babylon.max.nightly.js:17960
Mesh.render @ babylon.max.nightly.js:18027
SubMesh.render @ babylon.max.nightly.js:19514
RenderingGroup.render @ babylon.max.nightly.js:14289
RenderingManager.render @ babylon.max.nightly.js:14221
Scene._renderForCamera @ babylon.max.nightly.js:15991
Scene._processSubCameras @ babylon.max.nightly.js:16033
Scene.render @ babylon.max.nightly.js:16186
(anonymous function) @ main.js:76
Engine._renderLoop @ babylon.max.nightly.js:5995Is it possible to freeze a material used by an instanced mesh?


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