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Starting angle for particles emitted from an emitter


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Hi, so I have this scene and I've tried to hack together a way to change the angle of each particle though there is still one frame occasionally that it shows up at angle = 0. 

Here's a link to my playground scene: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1PO0WU#10

Would it be possible to set a starting angle for particles to come out of the emitter at? Such as:

particleSystem.startingAngle = #;


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Hiya @tbgeorge, good to see you again.

   Um... BJS particle systems have some properties that take care of that FOR you, and you are free to adjust them.  Take a look here...


See all the .25 values in lines 62/63?  Those are used to narrow or widen the dispersion width of the particles.  Decrease those values to set precise particle directions... or increase to fan-out the emitting.

Also take a look at lines 35/36.  This could be considered the SIZE of the emitter.  In this particle demo, we are using a vector3 as the emitter, and not a mesh (line 34).  Notice it has its Y axis set to 1... but you could set this to 0,0,0, too.  The directions in lines 62/63 are the boss, here.  Or are they?

Let's look at another version:  http://playground.babylonjs.com/#206JUO#11

Here, I set line 34 for a -5 on X.  It moved the particle emissions... sideways.  Yet they still go upward... because of the value 8 in the Y values of lines 62/63.

I also increased the values in the emitBox settings of lines 35/36, and that is why the particles launch from a "wide" fountain.

Take some time, examine this playground demo, do some playing.  Make edits, press RUN often, SAVE as often as you like, you can't hurt/overwrite anything.  Soon you'll be a particles expert.  If you have more questions or problems, we're here to help.  Just holler.  :)   Hope you're well.  Party on!

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