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How to stretch gradient in Pixi


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   so I have a 2x128 vertical gradient, I do that to reduce the spritesheet size. What I want is to stretch the sprite to 64x128. When I created a sprite out of it, I notice it having a weird incorrect width.  When I do,  sprite.width = 64,  it doesn't go to 64 px.  And when I use a huge number to force it to 64px on screen,  it uses the wrong sampling where it tries to interpolate the pixel across the x direction using the pixel above and below. How can I resolve this ? 

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19 hours ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

Use TilingSprite instead. Also, you may have scaled the parents of the sprite, if its not 64px on screen :)

I am not sure how to use TilingSprite and what it does.  In this case, would it be   new TilingSprite(my2x128Texture,  64, 128)  ? 

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