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How much is reasonable for a game artist

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This is a hard question to answer with a flat statement. It depends on so many factors. Obviously the quality of the artist will dictate a large portion of the price, in a sense, the rule 'you get what you pay for' applies. However there are outliers to this rule. Some artists are overpriced for their quality, and others underpriced. To some extent, the style of the artwork will also become a factor. You will see variations in pixel, vector, and painted/bashed styles. There is also location and contract length to consider that will affect the price.

It will depend on how the contract is setup as to how you pay them. This too can be affected by different reasons. How do you bill your client? Do they require hourly pricing or per diem/per job pricing? Does the artist have a preference or demand? You'll likely have to be flexible and find a setup that works for each job. If the client and artists don't have restrictions on it, you can likely do what fits best for you. If they do, you'll have to find a way to meet with their needs, or possible negotiate a middle ground.

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