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How to work with FreeCameraMouseInput


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Hi everyone! I'm curious to know about the FreeCameraMouseInput. I have tried to find something in Google, but it gives me only 5 answers: to the GitHub and to the doc.babylonjs.com. Is there any tutorial or perhaps someone can write here how to work with it in few words? I've studied example http://www.pixelcodr.com/tutos/shooter/shooter.html, and there 'babylon.1.14-beta-debug.js' was used. So 'FreeCamera' class can lock the pointer and also rotate camera after the mouse. That is why author Julian Temechon said nothing about rotation. But in 'babylon.2.4.max.js' class 'FreeCamera' can't rotate camera. And 'FreeCameraMouseInput' can. So, that's why I'm interested in it. I don't know how to include it in my programm and how to work with it, different errors occur.

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