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Exporting PIXI.stage as an image


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I have found the error of my ways.


The problem was that I didn't render the stage right before exporting. In an effort to have this thread not be a complete waste of everyone's time I'll do penance by quickly summing up my method of exporting a PIXI canvas (whether webGL or not) to an image.

//here is the renderervar renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(width, height);//I first rendered the stage **important**renderer.render(stage);//I grabbed the canvas element pixi uses and extracted the base64 data from itvar data = renderer.view.toDataURL();//what to do with this data? one option is to assign it as the src of an <image> //In this case I open another window to display itvar win=window.open();win.document.write("<img src='" + data + "'/>");//or you can grab a js plugin like Canvas2Image.js which downloads the image directly//though it still has some bugsCanvas2Image.saveAsPNG(renderer.view);
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This is great but.....


How do you generate an image out a specific PIxi Container ? 

I want to send and image of a specific container to a server via HTTP post. But your example seems to generate an image of the entire canvas. 


Any suggestions ?

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