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Problems with Axis in 3D Max 2014 and Blender


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Hello, I have a problem with axis.

Sorry for my english, I am spanish...

I'm very new to blender and 3d max.  My models is the next: (file 01.JPG), 

Options for export to .obj for use in blender (I need, yes or yes) (file 02.JPG and 03.JPG). I don't know, export to .obj (in group and "The obj model should be exported with -Z axis forward, and Y axis upward to be compatible with Babylon.js" )

I have a index with a load mesh (I use EditControl.js of ssatguru), and should load (GOOD with axis ->  04.JPG...........................BAD with axis -> 05.JPG)

what should I do?








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Hi @Danni_Gallego, welcome to the forum.  We have a command in BabylonJS - mesh.bakeCurrentTransformIntoVertices().  This allows you to adjust the axes of mesh after import into Babylon.js scene.  But I don't know if it will help this problem.

Problem... you are using SO many exports...

3D Max export -> OBJ
OBJ import -> Blender
Blender export -> .babylon

Can you use 3D Max export -> .babylon  ?  A 3D Max exporter for .babylon DOES exist.

Do axes look correct in Blender? (after importing OBJ into Blender)

You need to be sure the mesh is correct in Blender.  Make sure closet is upright, and rotation of mesh/group is 0, 0, 0.

I am not a Blender driver, but here are two Blender forum posts that say to use control-A in Blender Object Mode (not Edit Mode):


Speaking-of baking transforms into vertices, here is a playground demo that shows that BabylonJS also has a vertices transform "bake".  And, I'll show you what it is used-for.


Everything before line 79... is building a "closet" just like yours, so you can ignore that part.  First, use f12 to open your browser's JavaScript console, so you can see line 89 reporting to console.  It says... the closet is currently not rotated at all.  It is at 0, 0, 0 rotation.  But, as you can see, the darned closet is laying on its back, and we need it tipped-up.

So, let's activate line 81, and tip-up our closet.  Activate that line, and click the RUN button.

Hey, it worked, but look at the rotation numbers in the console.  Object { x: -1.5707963267948966, y: 0, z: 0 }

We need it to be 0, 0, 0, right?  Here comes the baking.  Activate line 84, too.  Press RUN.  Check console.


Yay!  Closet tipped-up, vertices baked into position, and BabylonJS has reset the closet.rotation to 0, 0, 0.  Perfect, yes?

So, not only is "baking transforms" very important and useful in BabylonJS, but it is equally important in 3D Max and in Blender.

It is MOST important... in Blender, before export to .babylon file.  Ensure that your closet is upright, and that Blender thinks there is NO rotation.  Use Blender's "bake" (Control-A in object mode) to make sure everything is correct... in Blender... before export to .babylon.

If you want to do some baking while the model is still in 3D Max (before OBJ export), you will need to read some 3D Max help files to learn how.   I have no info on that.

I'm sorry that I am not an expert, but these are ideas to try, learn-from, and experiment-with.  I hope it is helpful.  It is better than forum silence, yes?  :)  Double mesh conversions like these... can be difficult.  Get it correct in Blender (mesh upright, baked-in, so that Blender shows rotation of 0, 0, 0)... and the export to .babylon should be smooth and easy... maybe.  :)

Later, we might need the .babylon test file(s) that you create... published somewhere... so we/others can view them.  They are JSON files... in ascii text, so you can use Notepad or any online JSON viewer.... to view their contents.  Sometimes, we can find problems... by viewing the .babylon file(s).  Test, experiment, adjust, test more.  :)  And then, teach us what you learn, so others can learn from you, if you please.  (thx)  (bad English, no problem)

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