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Slow drag and weirdness, based on example


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Last time I tried PIXI for a demo was like a year ago, but I dusted off some of the code and I'm hoping to give it a go again :)

I tried to simply use my art assets but with the "Drag" functionality in example 8 at http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/examples/8/

Unfortunately, two weird things happened:

  1. The line "var newPosition = this.data.getLocalPosition(this.parent);" didn't work for me, couldn't find the function- rather I had to add an extra ".data" (var newPosition = this.data.data.getLocalPosition(this.parent);) 
  2. In terms of user experience- holding the object (The music sign in the top-left) and dragging it around, letting go, dragging again, etc. slows things down incredibly... as though it's stacking function calls or something. After a while (10-30 seconds of that) it becomes unusable

I'm hoping I just did some simple thing wrong in the setup... I'd like to keep the modular JS style, I guess that's one difference but I can't imagine how that'd be a showstopper... here's the relevant bits in this test:

Live demo: http://storage.googleapis.com/tjandpals-webdata/seekandfind/dev/index-dev.html

JS Code: http://storage.googleapis.com/tjandpals-webdata/seekandfind/dev/js/seekandfind/Init.js

(note - I'm not maintaining a different build tree just for the forum post, so those links might go away or update as I try solutions, build further, etc.)

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OK, strangely - I tried on a different computer today and it seems fine... but the .data.data seems super weird, and there was definitely a performance bottleneck last night!

Are there any tooling options to pinpoint where that bottleneck might be? I.e. even to know what is actually happen with each frame update? If there is some recursive stack building somehow - it would be great to be able to see that ;)

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