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Smoothing a Shader Contraint.


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What would be the process to smoothing out the angle limits in this demo?
I am assuming i will have to make a float array and store the clamp values in that, then see how far along the region it is by a percentage, so for example if the angle range is 1 - 0.9 if the value is 0.95 that would be at 50% and should blend the two color values half and half?

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this is how I am getting the base colors for the zones, now to apply the angular colors for each zone and we will have a basic solid color terrain material.



Im sure there has to be a better way to do this... but yea here is kinda what I was thinking...

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Ok I updated this a little bit and cleaned it up, so that I could work with it a little easier.

One thing I would like to do before I continue to the next step is add noise between the ranges, so that there is a little bit of fractal break up on the blend, anyone got an idea how to accomplish this?
 I could reference a random function that generates a noise map then refrence per pxl and add or subtract from the alpha of the blend and that should scatter it a little bit, but I think that might not be the effect im going for.

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Got my Angles being identified way smoother now, and I will be able to soon apply real textures instead of colors for the 4 zones, and their 4 angle limits.

Should give the effects of grass to dirt to rubble to big rocks, on the transitional slopes, along with a unique look for each altitude range/zone so there is a difference between your low lying areas and your high ones to give a presence of different biomes.

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