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Strange texture draw calls?


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I was looking over the WebGL draw calls done by my Phaser game and at the end of each loop I see the calls in attachment. Both are some transparent png textures. Why are those called? Can't those be removed if they are unused?

LE: My guess is that the blank Texture 27 can actually be an empty DisplayObject, I tried looking over my code, but setting renderable to false to the empty groups or sprites I had didn't remove that texture draw call.




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Looks like it's the default image.  Look in the Phaser source code in file src\loader\cache.js for function addDefaultImage

    * Adds a default image to be used in special cases such as WebGL Filters.
    * It uses the special reserved key of `__default`.
    * This method is called automatically when the Cache is created.
    * This image is skipped when `Cache.destroy` is called due to its internal requirements.
    * @method Phaser.Cache#addDefaultImage
    * @protected
    addDefaultImage: function () {

        var img = new Image();


        var obj = this.addImage('__default', null, img);

        //  Because we don't want to invalidate the sprite batch for an invisible texture
        obj.base.skipRender = true;

        //  Make it easily available within the rest of Phaser / Pixi
        Phaser.Cache.DEFAULT = new PIXI.Texture(obj.base);



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