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Tiling/Blocking a Shader


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So Im trying to very basically tile the shader, what I want out of this is the ability to effectively cut the object into sections that are a set size and then be able to set that block to a color or a texture reference.

If I can figure out how to cleanly tile a texture I should be on the right path.

It does not seem to be tiling very effectively...  maybe I should be doing the split up on the UV and not the world position?


nevermind im dumb... I was doing xy not xz... anyways, anyone now how to output some info for debug in GLSL?
visually is the only way I know of how so like: http://www.babylonjs.com/cyos/#1ZJMOH#4

Here is the difference between UV and world position:


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Ok, but, sigh.

A shader... is a material thing, not really a subMesh thing.  SubMeshes use multi-materials... and those could be shader-made materials.

Tiling is a subMesh/multiMaterial thing.  At least I think so.  :)

Here's a thing where @NasimiAsl shaderBuilder was used... for tiling-ish things, though.  Looks like he's doing careful manipulation of the box UV's.  This is material tiling, but not mesh/subMesh tiling:


Aw heck, let's show another "Naz" special... http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1BPLPL#1

That water is a long and continuous texture, eh?  Cuz... it's a "procedural texture".

I think... you seek Yoda.  :)  Err... I mean... you seek procedural textures... that are based-upon static textures.  We have quite a few pattern-based procTextures listed at the bottom of the previously linked page.  Maybe a decent "early step" is to get a procedural texture... "mapped" across all 4 tiles of this playground... in a way where we see no texture seams between tiles.  Start with the bricks procTexture, perhaps.  *shrug*

If you get bricks proc-texture to map across tiles without seam-lines, you're halfway home, yes?

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9 minutes ago, Wingnut said:


A shader... is a material thing, not really a subMesh thing.  SubMeshes use multi-materials... and those could be shader-made materials.

I know its a material thing... does not mean you don't want to identify zones in your shader, in relation to the mesh.
I never once said anything about sub meshing, but I can see how when I said cut it up you could infer that.

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Ok so we have our plane and on it it has global positions that we turned into a grid of what ever set size.

So each section of the material would ideally have a pseudo unique ID from its position in global space by doing some sort of combining of its cords.

Now once we have a ID for each block, we take that ID and pass it through a pseudo random number generator that has a set seed, and transpose its value to a range between the number of textures you have in your array, so if its a grass area and we have 6 textures that seamlessly fit into each other but have different key elements, it would take the ID generate a number between 0-5 and then point to that texture placing it in that section of the material, which would be random but controllable with your seed.


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I almost got it figured out... I just need to figure out a better way of rounding to a nearest size...

So that way I can define a block size, and not have the position matter...  if I can figure that out, then i already figured out how to do a pseudo random number to get that areas assigned texture...

Somebody has to have an idea what im trying to do...  I am clueless on shaders this is a bunch of tossing crap at the wall and seeing what happens...

*** EDIT

Ok now I got the block IDing http://www.babylonjs.com/cyos/#1ZJMOH#7
now to transpose them to a value between 0-3.

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