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Text2D Bug


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So far I wasn't able to isolate the problem, so I'll try to give as many details as possible, even though most of them will probably be irrelevant to the bug.


I have a ScreenSpaceCanvas2D instance that contains different instances of Group2D, some of those instance contain Text2D and some contain Sprite2D.

For future reference "textField" would be a Text2D inside a Group2D inside a ScreenSpaceCanvas2D.

Executed one after the other on click events at the same run:

textField.text = "0"; -works as expected

textField.text = "450"; -only displays "4"

textField.text = "500"; -only displays "5"

textField.text = "0"; -text now completely disappears, along with the text in another unrelated Text2D, which happens to be a Text2D contained in a different Group2D that is added to ScreenSpaceCanvas2D right after textField's Group2D.


Once the text disappears from both Text2D instances it is never displayed again in them no matter what values I try to set in text.

No errors are thrown.


I failed at reproducing this issue in a PG, I'll keep trying and post it here if I succeed. Hopefully what I wrote would be enough to find the bug.




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Hello, I'm back from holidays, sorry for the delay.

Which version of babylon.js do you use? because if it's the 2.4 it's a bug I can clearly remember and that's why you have this behavior. You couldn't reproduce this in the playground because the playground use the latest beta of the 2.5 and the bug was fixed.

So if you really use the 2.4 version of bjs, I encourage you to switch to the 2.5 beta version which can be found here: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/dist/preview release

It's frequently updated with bug fixes.

If you do already use this version, all I can do is cry because this bug came back again and it's a pain to fix... So please, tell me which version you use! :) Thanks

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