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PIXI stop loading textures after a while


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So I'm working on my game editor, and I noticed a weird behavior: after I play around with tiles and objects (eg draw different tiles, add trees rock etc. and then delete them, move objects around..), at some point PIXI will get into a state where its no longer able to load new textures.

I don't preload all my object's textures, I load only for objects when I need them (if for example I want to put a barrel and don't have its texture loaded yet, I will load the texture especially for the barrel instance).

When getting into the stuck mode, all future textures I load will never actually load and always be with valid = false, but no error will appear.

I'm loading textures like this:

PIXI.Texture.fromImage(texture_name_full, undefined, PIXI.SCALE_MODES.NEAREST);

Am I doing something wrong here? Does PIXI have limited amount of textures it can handle? How to address / debug this issue?


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