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I've been playing with BabylonJS for some time now. And upto now I always used the fbx exporter or max exporter for my babylon models/animations. But a client asked me to do a tutorial for blender.

So I made an animated box in blender. But when I export it, the file completely falls apart and no animation is exported. The file that remains in blender after the export looks like what babylonjs displays.

I've added the before and after export images and the .blend file and hopefully someone can help me in the right direction.=




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@Flomotion : well I took a look at your file and looked at three things:

1. Where the origins are for each piece to rotate - they seem OK :)

2. Examining the structure of the box - you seem to have multiple parenting down a chain (see image below). I have had problems with this in the past and now limit my setups to one parent with a lot of children.

3. "The file that remains in blender after the export looks like what babylonjs displays." . This kind of thing has been seen before. There are a couple of posts on this issue in the Q&A forum but I can't find them to give you links. Maybe @JCPalmer : knows where they are. And there does appear to be an animation in the file - search for "range" in your babylon file.

EDIT: Found a few links: link1link2, link 3

cheers, gryff :)


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Hi Gryf,

thank you very much for checking my file. Happy to hear that it's not the origins. Because they were a pain to set.

The file has many parent child groups indeed. But I don't see any other way to animate a folding box without those relations. Unless there is a way to globally bake the position and rotation of all sub-objects.

I've looked around on the forum and noticed that there are some remarks about a bug in the current exporter. Where the first animation track/action is placed on all objects. That would explain why the positions of all objects change.

Unfortunately I don't see any solution except for creating this animation with bones. Because that seems to work.

But my knowledge of Blender is not good enough.

thanks again for the effort.

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When you have animation in more than 1 mesh, you probably need to use naming conventions for your animations.  The announcement for Exporter 5.0 says:


When there are multiple meshes with actions in a .BLEND, it is not possible to determine which meshes participate in which actions. When there is an action which is only done by one Mesh, place the mesh name then a '-' in the name of the action to isolate it.

Your problem with that is you already have a dash in your mesh names.  Remove dash from your mesh names.  Sorry, but do not have time to follow this or look at your files.

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@Flomotion : Below is an example of what @JCPalmer is saying about the "-"s (see image)

Part A (in red) is what your .blend file has for naming objects and animations - note the "-" between ARD and node.

Part B is the changes Jeff is suggesting  the "-" between ARD and node is replaced by an underscore and then a new "-" is placed just before the word Action.

Repeat that procedure for all object names and animations in your stack.

I saw the "-"s and thought you had done it correctly - was late in the evening.:o

And you have to use the latest version of the Blender Exporter (v1.5.0) I believe.

Will be happy to see it working .

Hope that helps.

cheers , gryff :)


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