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PwassonEngine - My little 2D Game Engine with built-in physics


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Hey guys,

Just wanted to show my little in-development game engine. I decided to create my own engine as Panda.js didn't got any updates for several months. The goal here is to have a lightweight but powerfull game engine with awesome performances, whatever the device is (ie. Android) while being able to use Canvas+ (so, no DOM is used as Canvas+ doesn't supports DOM).

What I've already done:

  • Game config via `config.js` file ;
  • Game scenes ;
  • Ultra-customizable Sprite class that allows to modify everything drawing related ;
  • Mouse events support (click, move, hover, down, release, out) and Drag & Drop support ;
  • Built-in physics engine (made on my own, so a bit hacky/buggy but I plan to fix these issues :p) ;
  • Only redraw what needs to by using a simple variable on every scene children: `needsUpdate`.

What I want to do:

  • Implement built-in networking to allow multiplayer games/apps ;
  • Implement UI elements like Text, Buttons, Scrollable panels, Inputs to allow devs to make real Canvas UI ;
  • Fix the overall bugs ;
  • Add some helper classes ;
  • Maybe implement SAT.js for collisions detection/solving ;
  • And finally, build the game I started this engine for :).

So this is an "ambitious" project that aims to allow doing things other engines wasn't able to offer me.

  1. Source code (Gitlab): https://gitlab.com/skyzohkey/PwassonEngine
  2. Demonstration: https://skyzohkey.gitlab.io/PwassonEngine

Feel free to contribute to the code, open issues if you find them, create issues for suggestions too. Or simply leave a message here.

Thanks for reading, I hope I'll be able to drive this project the right way. ;)

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Thanks for the interest you gave to my little project! :)

I'll hardtest the engine once I implemented and optimized all of what I want to do, but currently PwassonEngine can handle ~500 physics bodies + 500 sprites linked to those bodies, i guess. ;)

EDIT: Just done a test, and with 1500 sprites + 1500 bodies, the demo project runs at 1 FPS, ahah, i need to optimize/refactor some code to make things faster ;)

EDIT2: Ok, the engine currently crash and stop updating with 2500 sprites + 2500 bodies. x')

Another edit: You can now live try to hard test the demonstration, just click the "text-button" in top-right corner and enjoy ;)

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