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Texture LOD (level of detail)


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I saw a previous post from a few years ago asking this and the answer was a no, but.... has texturing/material LOD been added yet? 

I have a mesh I need to re-texture based on distance (the actual mesh is fine but the texture is expensive). I have 3 sets of textures I need to cycle. These textures are tile based. I have a 512, 1k, and 2k tile set each in there own folder. That is the other piece of the puzzle, texture subfolders. I sent @Deltakosh a message on twitter asking about that part.

Look, I need you to tell me this works.. if it doesn't.. lie to me and tell me it does anyway because it should work... what kind of cruel world do we live in where we cannot do this i ask... 

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I was looking recently at MipMaps that are created by default when a texture is loaded.  Passing the highest res texture 2k should have 1k, 512, 256, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, & 1 versions generated internally on the GPU.  You have a number of sampling options, TRILINEAR_SAMPLINGMODE is default.

You could turn that off when you instance your textures, and I guess load your own MipMaps from the Texture constructor.  I do not see that level of control being specifiable using a JSON file.  You are probably own your own, maybe do a search for MipMaps, LOD, or read the source code for more.

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