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Using the Game.prototype


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Hi All


Very sorry for asking another noobish question. I have just about finished my first Phaser game (yay!) The final thing I was implementing was preloader, and started following the example in resources/project template/basic


From what I understand, I need to put my game into a prototype which means changing things like


function myFunction()  -> myFunction: function()

game.add.button(...); -> this.add.button(...);

var myVar; -> this.myVar

myFunction(); -> this.myFunction();

t.onComplete.add(anotherFunc, this); -> t.onComplete.add(this.anotherFunc, this);


and so on. It seems like a massive amount of chages to make, and I am getting error after error which I didnt get when I had finished my game written in the more conventional way shown in all the examples.


My question is, is there a way to have a preloader, without having to put my game into a prototype?


Thanks for any advise in advance!

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Yes for sure. Stick this in your preload function:

game.load.onFileComplete.add(updateProgressBar, this);

and then this function:

function updateProgressBar(progress) {// progress is a value between 0 and 100 which can be used to// easily make a progress bar, i.e. modify the Sprite width/crop between 0 and 100.}
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