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Issue with scrolling and touch events on mobile


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I've been playing around with Panda.js using the example endless runner game avaialble here:


I've been having several issues trying to attempt to get the default scroll event working on mobile. I've modified the game in such a way as the user interacts with the game via DOM elements. As an example, I have a modal popup which they can click or tap to start the game, then when the game is over, enter their details via a similar modal with input fields etc. These modal boxes are rendered on top of the canvas element. The main issue comes as mentioned when I attempt to scroll on mobile, it seems I can't make any default browser action.

Edit: I have the canvas rendered inside a div content container.

I think this is primarily to do with pixi.js, and from doing some research into the issue have found some leads such as setting the autoPreventDefault attribute to false ( https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/2410 ) but this has not helped, and the issue has remained. 

Has anyone come across a similar problem, and might have a solution? 



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