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Merging loaded 3D Model


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I'm loading a 3D model exported to .babylon format using Blender.

The end result is usually a .babylon file containg a bundle of meshes each using a different texture.

My current solution is to create a container for manipulating all meshes of the same bundle.

MeshContainer consists of the array of bundled meshes that were loaded, and when applying position / rotation / etc to the container, they are applied to all of its meshes.

For optimization purposes I'm now trying to merge all meshes that are related to the same 3D model instead of using my MeshContainer solution.

The problem is, once I merge the meshes, all the textures / materials disappear.

I saw that babylon has something called MultiMaterial, it sounds like a direction, but I'm not sure how to proceed, if this even is the right direction.

How do I solve this?

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Would blender know how to treat the textures after the meshes were merged?

In my blender I see a model without the textures and only after it is exported I see referenced to the textures which are displayed in bjs.

After merging meshes that have different textures, will the .babylon file and textures be exported properly?

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