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WebVR support from Edge, but spec from 1.0 - > 1.1


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Well, good news is that Microsoft is going to support WebVR in the Edge browser. This is great, since it means that the Hololens and similar AR device may be accessible to web programming.

However, to make it work with these devices, the WebVR spec just added and deprecated some functions. Apparently AR devices provide detailed rendering info that wasn't addressed in the WebVR 1.0 spec - the 1.1 upgrade fixes that.

Migration Guide: https://github.com/w3c/webvr/blob/gh-pages/migration.md

Updated samples: https://webvr.info/samples/

JS Shim for Chromium (which still has the 1.0 spec)


The big issues:

Replace VRDisplay.getPose() with VRDisplay.getFrameData()

Use projection matrices provided by VRFrameData, instead of computing from VREyeParameters.fieldOfView()

Use the view matrices from VRFrameData, instead of computing from pose + eye offsets

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