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waveform speed issue [Solved]


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 hello all

 I been fooling around with the waveform plugin, got it working no problem the only issue I am having now is slowing down the speed so it smoothly moves around the path.

I tried using a float no go with that, I tried as little as 1 it's still to fast as is using ++

In my update I use pi++; for movement speed which is way to fast, I also tried using a timer which just jittered the movements and still too fast with pi += 1;

I'm used to programming in java so it's still a bit of a learning curve, (should be similar and for the most per it is).

I have a crazy path using catmull curves but I need to slow the speed down big time, around a quarter of the pi++ speed or pi += 1, about .25 but it doesn't use floats

Any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance

Did a bit of searching in the forums and found the answer in a tween issue that was resolved, got to do a bit more digging before asking so soon from now on, sorry about that, just getting used to this new way of coding and phasers way of doing things.


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