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More than one value in group.setAll()


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Hello again everyone,


I need to change the body side of every component of a group, but I can't find a way to do it because I need to pass 4 values in body.setSize.


Here's the code so far:

blueEnemy = game.add.group();blueGuy = blueEnemy.create(100, 100, 'blueEnemy');blueGuy.body.setSize(30, 30, 8, 8);

I can set the size of the body if I create a variable that holds that sprite. But since I will create and kill lots of blueEnemy's, I don't know if that's the most practical way.


I wanted to do something that would body.setSize(30, 30, 8, 8) in every new blueEnemy, but I don't know if it is possible to use setAll in this case (couldn't find any example of it).


What I wanted to do was something like this, but working:

blueEnemy = game.add.group();blueEnemy.setAll('body.setSize', [30, 30, 8, 8])blueEnemy.create(100, 100, 'blueEnemy');

[30, 30, 8, 8] is not accepted. No error in console, but no affect either.


If not possible to use setAll this way, is there a way to change the body size without assigning it to a variable?


Thanks for the attention.

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Group.setAll is for setting the value of a single property.


Body.setSize is a function, so you'd want to use Group.callAll instead, which can accept any number of parameters:

blueEnemy.callAll('body.setSize', '', 30, 30, 8, 8);

Depending on your scope you may need to adjust the 2nd parameter (the context that the function is called under).

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