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Hi there,

First of all I would like to thank the developers for this great 3D framework, and also the contributors of this awesome community. You guys are doing a great job .

I've got some questions regarding the 3ds max exporter, 90% of my work is based on the 3D editor, I take advantage of your awesome Actions Builder to reduce the code size:

1- What are the standards of adding my own properties that do not come with the exporter ? I see that they all have "babylonjs_" as prefix and they are also lowercase. But when I add a property, lets say isBlocker:  babylonjs_isblocker = "true" , to the User Defined Menu, I still can see the lensflares going through the mesh. 


2- How can I enable physics from the editor without modifying the .babylon file each time ?

3- Is it normal that the FreeCamera moves with the mouse ? Goes fordward when you hold the leftbutton down and drag the mouse up, and vice-versa .



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21 minutes ago, Deltakosh said:

hello and welcome

1. Unfortunately the list of variables is fixed. You cannot extend it without updating the exporter

2. Right click on an object in 3dsmax, go to babylonjs options, there is a group for physics

3. FreeCamera is a FPS camera, you control it like in Doom

Is the exporter Open Source ? Nvm found it

Thanks for the answers

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