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PEP or hand.js [RESOLVED]


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I am new, super new!

I am attempting to learn Babylon.

I am using netbeans on arch linux with kde plasma.

I have been going through tutorials and the playground, there are a lot of great examples and documentation, what a great community!

I am trying to have all necessary files local, but I've come in to a snag with the PEP, I went to get hand.js and the location at github indicates that it has been replaced.

I tried getting PEP, but am kind of lost, is there something I am missing or is it just not as simple of a build that I'm used to?

Thank You,

I look forward to sharing my project and asking much more advise.

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I was recently thinking the same thing. But I just used handjs even if its been deprecated, it still works well enough. 

But I think something like this should work: (untested code)

<script src="https://code.jquery.com/pep/0.4.1/pep.js"></script>

<canvas id="renderCanvas" touch-action="none"></canvas>

A common misconception about PEP is it requires JQuery to work, that is sometimes the case. But it is not entirely true, you can use PEP without JQuery. PEP was just created by the people who created JQuery. 

Just add PEP to your code and you should be done. 

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Thank you for the response Majidarif

I must be missunderstanding, but wouldn't that mean it has to fetch it from jquery.com every time a run it?

I am trying to have everything I need locally, as I do not always have the internet around.

Thank you

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I downloaded hand-1.3.7.js.zip, exported it to the same folder that I exported babylon.js to and renamed it hand.js.

When I got babaylon.js I had to get the whole zip, I downloaded the whole thing, not that it is huge, then only exported the babylon2.4.js then renamed it to babylon.js this is how I interpreted the several different instructions I had read.

When I went to get PEP, not real worried about it at the moment cause I got the hand.js, but curious for future benefit, there was no actual pep.js; with babylon.js and hand.js all I need to reference on my index page is babylon.js and hand.js,

however looking through the PEP file I found no actual pep.js there were many usefull looking js files, with PEP do you need to just pick the relevant js file and reference it? never actually referencing pep.js?

I am not using a package manager and I am not working online.

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