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Notification of Texture Loading


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Hi all,


As the Pixi-based (canvas) project I am working on becomes more mature, I find that my usage of sprites is increasing a lot.   It is reaching the point where I begin to think I will need to do pre-loading, which was not necessary earlier in the project.  The point of this post is to get recommendations on knowing when textures are loaded.


I looked in the code and noticed that Pixi is notifying itself when textures are loaded, so it can know when to update.  However, unless I missed it, there is no exposed notification.  Did I miss it?  If not, I need to figure out how best to do this.  I don't want to modify Pixi source, although that would work quite nicely.  I could do a timer-based poling and look at texture properties to discover this information but that seems ungainly.


I should add that I am currently loading image by image, not via sprite sheet - and would prefer to keep it that way since some images may be dynamically replaced by the user. 


Any suggestions?

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